From family get together's to a full blown business.

It all started about 4 years ago when I built a pizza oven in the garden.

Friends and family enjoy coming over for delicious pizza, calzones, meats and fish, all cooked with the aid of a roaring wood fire. I think the biggest party was around 40 guests and i thought maybe this could be a business!

So a few years later here I am! Cooking freshly made pizza in a wood fired oven for my customers.

As a chef with over 25 years experience, I enjoy cooking for people and love food.

All my dough is freshly prepared along with the tomato sauce, and topped with loads of mozzarella cheese.

I am trying to be as eco friendly as possible!
The wood I burn is from a local tree surgeon and is waste from their work. I mainly used seasoned hard wood so less is used.
I also power equipment from rechargeable batteries, and as such do not require an electrical hook up or generator.